Cilinder/ piston kit Type 1

Air jet


Stock style valves

Fuel jets

Headlining, original style

Gas cables

Heater cable

Speedometer cables

Hand brake cables

Type 1 Bearings

Type 4 Bearings

Idle jets

Cilinder rings

Piston rings

Country - year signs

Convertible outer hood

Cilinder/ piston kit Type 1, AA performance

Convertible headlining

Beetle window seals

Metal brake lines

Convertible boot covers

Camshafts for rockers 1.1 & 1.25/1

Camshafts with high duration for rockers 1.1/1

Camshafts with high duration for rockers 1.4 & 1.5/1

Camshafts for Type 4

Spark plug NGK

Clutch cables

Cilinder/ piston kit Type 4

Oil pump / higher capacity

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