Rear axle Gearbox Fixing sets, rubbers & supports

Transmission mount on transmission nose (002)

OEM:211 599 253 / 211 599 227 / 211 599 253 x2
Bus 08/71-07/79

€ 29,95 incl In Stock
update sync 04/03/2024
In our research we found out that for 72-79 buses there are two different front transmission mounts. One for the 002 gearbox and one for the 091. The difference is that the forks from the 002 mount are slightly longer and have a different bend, compared to the 091 ones.

You can use a 091 mount on a 002 transmission, but you will notice that the forks will only be half in the bracket on the chassis. This is quite easy to explain as the 002 transmission is slightly shorter than the later 091. 091 and 002 transmissions are easily recognizable by the VW numbers on the transmission case that starts with either 002 or 091.

Weird thing is that Volkswagen uses the same part number for both mounts, they just superseded the 002 mount for the shorter 091 one.

Therefore, we bring back the correct 002 mount, so you can mount your transmission just like VW used to do from the factory. This 002 mount will not fit the 091 as the bend will interfere with the bracket and chassis.

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