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Gasket kit rear axle (1) / German

OEM:111 598 051A
model_code_karmann Ghia
Bus -07/67
Type 3
Type 181

€ 7,95 incl In Stock
update sync 12/07/2024
A leaking rear axle seal is a common problem and causes the brake lining soak the gearbox oil, resulting in loss of braking power. Extreme dangerous! We developed this gasket set with security as our absolute top priority. The safety of your beloved Volkswagen is our highest concern! BBT do recommend to change all the gaskets when one leaks, also when changing rear wheel bearings. Hence we supply this exact kit in our rear wheel bearing kits. This new developed rear axle gasket kit is a very closely cooperation between our German gasket manufacturer and BBT. This results in a complete kit, contain all you need to do the job properly. We choose the very best materials end deliver only this top notch quality with a perfect fit. Besides our quality we kindly ask you to compare our very competitive pricing, especially with our quantity discounts. This is simply the best price/quality money can buy.

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