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Front inner wheel bearing - Bus 08/63-07/79

OEM:211 405 625

€ 12,50 incl In Stock
update sync 19/05/2024
From the early beginning, some25 years ago, BBT has a weakness for mechanical parts of quality and bearings didn’t escape to this vision. After many years we always strived for presenting wheel bearings of excellent quality and we’ve always offered them in a set. We’ve been frequently faced with customers who came along into our shop with milled seats for bearing in the wheel drums or disc brakes, damaged rear axle flanges of even milled spindle nuts and swing axles. Replacement of the 2 latters ones can lead the ‘quick replacement of the wheel bearing’ to a nasty job, that involves many hours of work and costs. A planned trip, meeting or even vacation can be definitely spoiled. That’s why we get often the demand after wheel bearings, even as separate parts. Therefore we’ve decided to sell wheel bearing as from now each from stock. Grease seals can also be delivered each from stock.

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