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Brake drum, front
5-lug (5x205)

OEM:211 405 615C
Bus 08/63-07/70

64mm Grease seal 

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update sync 12/07/2024
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The brake drum for Bus T1 64-67 is almost identical to that of the T2a 68-70. The only difference is the outer diameter of the wheel bearing seal. On the T1 Bus this is 64mm and on the T2a it is 65mm. This brake drum is for using the 64mm sealing ring. 

Use 1358-010 for use on Bus T1 08/63-07/67 (this is also included in our wheel bearing kit 1358

Use 1359-015 for used on Bus T2 08/67-07/70 (this is not included in our wheel bearing kit 1359, order it separately if necessary!)

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