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Intake boot manifold 1600cc

OEM:113 129 729B
Type1 1600cc

For dual port intake Type1 engine
Sold per piece

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update sync 23/04/2024
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These rubber seals are located on the left and right side of the intake manifold and take care of the airtight connection between the manifold and the intake elbows of all twin port Type1 engines.

If due to age or any other reason these seals get torn, this will cause false air and the engine will get a poorer mixture and will run worse. So it is very important that these are in good order. After long testing, we have found the perfect rubber composition and are made of High Nitrile Rubber Compound and are E10 petrol and heat resistant. Even after one week of full immersion in E10 petrol, these came out untouched, while other samples became soft or dissolved. Sold individually, 2 are needed on 1 engine. The clamps to fix them are available under BBT 2113.

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