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Electric manifold heater


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update sync 13/07/2024
If your engine fails to idle in chilly weather your inlet manifold might be freezing up.Temperatures do not have to go below freezing point to get this situation. With the acceleration of your gas mixture, it can "freeze" up your inlet manifold because the air is simply cold, too cold. That makes your gas mixture to shrink and poor filling of your combustion chambers.Clogged preheater pipers on your manifold, incorrect warm air support from your engine to your air cleaner, wrong air cleaner, blocked winter valve ... poor air temperature can be various.BBT made manifold heater sleeve as a solution. Installs in minutes, just wrap around your heater manifold and plug wires to your ignition coil.Also, for chilly winter months driving this is a helpful solution because by warming up your fuel mixture you get a better fill of your combustion chambers and a better mileage with that!A quick, efficient, and economic solution available off the shelve here at BBT.

Installation BBT # 2139

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