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Fuel tank - Injection

OEM:211 201 075M
Bus 75-79

€ 350,00 incl In Stock
update sync 04/03/2024
With the massive imports of US spec buses into Europe we’re getting used to the fuel injection models for the later bay window. Problem with fuel injection is mainly to determine to the high pressure fuel pump (BBT ref 1686-200) and a dirty gas tank… because of the high flow these fuel injection gas tanks seem to cope with a huge problem as bitumen left slowly from the fuel used lately. 

Before we let gas tanks restore, but that's a quiet costly process, that can be saved now with our brand new fuel tanks made especially for fuel injection at a fraction of the cost. The largest difference between a “normal” bay window gas tank and a tank for fuel injection is the double connection (for the return fuel lines of the fuel injection)while for carbureted engines there’s only a single connection. 

End of problems, as brand new fuel tanks are now available… for carbureted engines you can find fuel tanks under BBT ref 0492-918 & ref 0492-920.

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