Engine Fuel & inlet Fuel tanks, connections & hardware

Antirattle fuel tank

OEM:211 201 195
Bus 03/55-07/71

€ 14,95 incl In Stock
update sync 04/03/2024
Get rid of the rattle! This gaskets sits under the gas tank where the connection to the fuel hose sits… Very important besides eliminating the rattle is that your gas tank don’t rub on to your body, what can give damage to your gastank… and we don’t want gas tanks to start leaking, do we?Originally it has been applied on Type 2 55-61 and Type 1 1961 where no standard sender had to be installed, though this block off plate can be used for all purpose. The block off and screws can be delivered separately from stock under # 0494-50. The block off plate is available each from stock.

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