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Adapter fuel pressure gauge "in-line" for 8mm line 'Filter King'


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update sync 25/05/2024
Continious and correct fuel pressure let your engine breath healthy. This adapter can be placed in-line in your fuel line and is made with two fixed 8mm pilots. Simply cut the fuel line and place this adapter in between. Don't forget to secure your fuel line with BBT # 8776-12 clamps. BBT # 1689-200 Fuel pressure gauge fits perfect to this adapter. This way you can make it yourself (or your mechanic) easy to check your fuel pressure. 

When gauge is not needed you can block this gauge adapter easy with BBT #1689-220 (included). Fuel pressure regulators and fuel pressure gauges need to be placed after your fuel pump(s) and filter(s) for perfect and continious pressure.

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