Regulator 6V, 35A
Mounting on dynamo

OEM:113 903 801F
Type 1

€ 75,00 incl In Stock
update sync 02/06/2023
We did it! We have again a  high quality 6Volt voltage regulator for your beloved Volkswagen! We did produce our 6V regulator in Vintage Bosch style . We went even that far that the cap is interchangeable with your original Bosch cap! (Simply screws on and off) This way an 100% authentic look can be maintained in your engine compartment! 

The inside is high-tech electronics but outside it looks like original. The high-tech electronics is top 21st century technology with a lot of safety devices built right in. So if you miswire our new regulator it will not work obviously, but it won't break either, short circuits are history here! Besides  there are other devices against moisture and high temperatures . The new regulator is very proud to carry the BBT brand!

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