Engine Lower block Cylinder head ring

Cylinder head ring

From 08/65 VW came with a more powerful 1300cc engine on the market, in order to be used as a better alternative for the 1200cc engine. This engine has been used till the end of the production of 1303 sedan -07/75. During these 10 years many of such 1300cc engines have been made for single inlet as well as double inlet. Many 1300cc double inlet cylinder heads show cracks due to heavy use between the in-outlet valve and the ignition plug hole. So replacement will be necessary during revision. The demand after these cylinder heads has been increased partly to above described phenomenon, though there is no production, like there is one for 1600cc double port cylinder heads. Together with other VW engineers BBT has worked out a good solution for the 1300cc engine fans. With the above rings it’s perfectly possible to keep the 1300cc cylinder capacity of your engine and to work nevertheless with new cylinder heads of a 1600cc engine. The rings are placed between the outside of the 1300cc cylinders and the 1600cc cylinder heads and they catch the difference in diameters between both versions from 1600cc 85.50mm to 77.00mm 1300cc diameter. The rings are made from aluminium to avoid the difference in dilatation in relation to the cylinder heads. They are 12.10 width to catch the depth of the cylinder head. For 1 engine you need 4 rings, they are sold each.
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