Engine Lower block Cam shaft and parts (XView 5-03)

Camshaft STD

Type 1 -07/71

€ 99,95 incl Available
update sync 12/08/2022
BBT is proud to present these brand new camshafts from an extremely high quality. These camshafts been made like they used to be made back in the day when VW still rolled the VW beetles and buses from the assembly line. Replace that old worn out camshaft with these brand new BBT state of the art cams. We cover both models for all VW engines from 1960 till today! We experienced the challenge to find a good cam for a correct price, don’t let fool you with cheap inferior products, but trust BBT as a quality partner for your VW needs. Both  cams do fit a on allType 1 engines except 25 and 30 Din Hp (That’s 36SAE for our American friends). For these early engines we supply cams under BBT ref 1629-90 and 91...

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