Connecting-pipe between exhaust and heater hose

OEM:113 255 165

This is the connecting pipe that is clamped into the top of the exhaust and goes through the rear engine tin (left and right of the crankshaft pulley).At the top, the air hose (BBT 1095 or 1095-1) connects to this and brings air from the fan shroud through the exhaust to the heat exchanger and then conducts the warm air further to the front.
Bob developed this after hurting himself on an original one with sharp edges and made it with a conical top and bottom so your cardboard heater hose slides over it and is easier to push into the exhaust.
This was the first product BBT ever made.
Thousands sold each year, BBT is the original source.

€ 3,95 incl Available
update sync 24/03/2023

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