Under-carriage Rear suspension and gearbox Transmission mount
Original model

Transmount front

OEM:111 301 265
Beetle 10/52-07/59, 08/60-08/61
Karmann Ghia 10/52-07/59, 08/60-08/61

€ 9,95 incl Available
update sync 16/08/2022
Decent suspension from the drivetrain on our Classic Volkswagen is extremely important to offer comfortable and safe driving. The 3 silentblocs that keep gearbox and engine on their place are one of the important parts to keep gearbox and engine in their position, a torn silentbloc will cause the drivetrain to vibrate excessively and these vibrations might cause damage to drive shafts and gear selection. A due to oil contaminated or torn silentbloc must be replaced to prevent worse. BBT can offer the front silentbloc each from stock under #1485-11 while the rear silentblocs can be replaced with #1481-100.

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