Under-carriage Front suspension Front suspension 1302/03 MC Pherson (XView 4-08)

Rubber mounting onto chassis arm, for sway bar

OEM:113 411 315
1302/03 -07/73

€ 8,95 incl Limited stock
update sync 12/08/2022
Fans of Type 1 super beetles are without any doubt familiar with the characteristics of the MC Pherson front suspension used on this type. They have not only very estimated steering characteristics, but also some disadvantages. One of them is that it can provoke vibrations after minor signs of abrasion or anomalies when driving that can be nasty for the driver as well as for the passengers. That’s why BBT has always an ample range of suspension parts available. This bushing for sway bar is the correct type used on models till type year 1973. Available each from stock in the well-known BBT production quality.

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