Under-carriage Front suspension Front axle beam Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/65 original (XView 4-04)

Front top shock bolts - Beetle/Karmann Ghia 08/62-07/65, Puma front axle, Bus top rear 03/55-07/67 (2)

OEM:111 413 403A (x2)

M12 x 1.5
L 65mm
SW 19

€ 9,95 incl Available
update sync 12/08/2022
These bolts are used to mount the shock absorbers on Beetle and Karmann Ghia at the front from 62-66 and on Bus T1 and Bus Brazil at the top on the rear.You also need them with the "Puma" front axles BBT 1397-1 & 1397-50.

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