Under-carriage Front suspension Front axle beam Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/65 original (XView 4-04)

Rubber between suspension arm and axle
set of 4

OEM:111 405 129 (x4)
Beetle, Karmann Ghia -07/65

These grease seals have the purpose to seal the connection between support arms and front axle on beetle and  Karmann Ghia until 08/65, so that lubricating grease remains in the front axle and sand and moisture cannot penetrate into the front axle housing. The latter has rather destructive consequences on the front axle bearing and support arm running surfaces, so cracked, hardened ones should be replaced immediately. We deliver these rubber seals per 4 pieces.

€ 6,95 incl Available
update sync 04/07/2022

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