Tube accelerator cable

OEM:113 721 551
Beetle 08/67-07/71 & 12/75-


ch. nr 118 000 001 - 111 3200 000
ch. nr 116 2071 468-

€ 9,95 incl In Stock
update sync 06/12/2023
We have a new “flex tube” for you. It’s actually the cable housing that sits above your tranny and guides your accelerator cable between chassis and engine. Many times your old part needs replacement because it's broken, bent or just missing… The old plastic has melted or broken off and  is allowing water to come in. Anyway, most cars need a new one and here we offer a super standard stock solution… This new one is for 67-71 model years beetle only, if you need one for a VW beetle made between 11/65 and 07/67 you can find under BBT ref 0910-500

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