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Starter motor 12 Volt for conversion 6->12V


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update sync 23/09/2023
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Some people do not change their 6V starter when converting their VW to 12V electrics. This does not do good for your car. The 6V flywheel will function on 12V, but things will fail prematurely. The old 6V starter will spin faster, and it also slams into the flywheel faster and slowly chews up the teeth on the flywheel, until the starter will no longer turn the engine over and the flywheel or the ring gear now must be replaced. Now with the BBT exclusive 6->12Volt starter, your engine will start like it should and your flywheel will live a normal life. This starter has the windings of a 12V starter with the gear to match a 6V flywheel. Do it right with the BBT 6->12V starter.

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