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Dehne digital fuel gauge, Vintage Speed

Beetle 08/57-07/67, Bus -07/67

€ 295,00 incl In Stock
update sync 12/07/2024
The Dehne fuel gauge is already available since the fifties as an accessory for Type 1. Due to the fact that most of the VW Beetles aren’t originally equipped with a clear fuel indicator, this fuel gauge is quite popular. Nowadays it’s better not to be confronted with an empty fuel tank and that’s why many people are looking for a suitable solution to install a fuel gauge in our classical cars. Vintage Speed has now an adequate solution with retro look and reliable functionality. 1. Beetle from 1950~1960 use an 11" long Electric VDO sending unit BBT # 0493-5002. Standard Beetle from 1961~1977 and all split window bus Use Tube Style Electric Fuel Sending Unit  BBT # 0493-7 or BBT # 0493-7053. 1968~1973 Type 2 BUS Tube style Electric Fuel Sending Unit. BBT # 0493-910 or BBT # 0493-915

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