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Hub dynamo pulley 25/30 HP DIN

OEM:111 903 115

€ 9,95 incl In Stock
update sync 15/04/2024
This dynamo pulley hub is for the 25 and early 30 Din Hp engines (36 Hp SAE).These hubs are usually worn out due to the construction, but mainly due to the wrong tightening of the large dynamo pulley nut. 

All 25Hp engines use 3-piece pulleys with this separate hub and 2 separate pulley halves for the wide belt (BBT 1941-050) All 30DinHp (36SAE) engines use this hub with different pulley halves until engine no 1-120614 (-07/55) for a narrow belt (BBT 1941). S

top your search for a good USED or NOS hub now, BBT has had these made from a NOS specimen to exact dimensions and available new from now on.

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