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Black Mamba Sport shifter, black, Vintage Speed

Beetle, Karmann Ghia
Type 3

€ 599,00 incl Not In Stock
update sync 24/06/2024
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There is a good collaboration between BBT and Vintage Speed since a couple of years and due the increasing demand , BBT has extended the range of Vintage Speed products. Vintage Speed has a nice offer of good custom shifters, which excel in quality, accurate functioning and nice finishing. The Club Sport version fits on Type 1, Type 3 and Type 14 and is CNC finished in aluminum. The shifter is ergonomically formed, somewhat lighter due the hotches in the shift levers and foreseen of a removable shift knob. The reverse selection can be manipulated by means of a lever that can be controlled by a simple finger move. Shifting direction will be reduced with 40 %. The black mamba shifter is also appropriate for Type 1, Type 3 and Type 14 and has round hotch in the levers. It is also available in a more custom black mat finishing. The shifters are delivered each, stop plate and assembly material inclusive.

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