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Spring brake pedal

OEM:113 721 163
Beetle, Karmann Ghia -08/57

€ 14,95 incl In Stock
update sync 24/06/2024
The master cylinders of our classic cars are all equipped with a return spring, to bring the master cylinder after manipulation back in its initial stand. This spring is however not strong enough to return also the pedal in its initial stand. Therefore Type 1 and Karmann Ghia -07/57 are around the pedal shaft also foreseen with a spiral steel spring to return the brake pedal. Due to its position on the floor of the body and near the master cylinder filled with corrosive fluid, the spring is very susceptible to corrosion. It gets easily damaged, stuck or breaks so that you can?t use the brake pedal anymore. From now on you can replace the spring by a good new reproduction.

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