Interior Heating Levers, knobs, grilles & hardware

Clamp for heater control lever, each

OEM:211 259 377
Bus 08/67-07/72

€ 1,95 incl Available
update sync 01/02/2023
The heating and ventilation of Type 2 buses is controlled on the dashboard, depending of the model year, by 4 or 3 levers which control a mechanism through the dashboard that on its turn controls de cables to the heater flaps. On Type 2 08/67-07/72 the assembly of these levers is executed with the help from clips that go through the lever and the cone of levers onto the mechanism. These clips can break by using poorly greased lever mechanism or they get damaged or lost during disassembly of the levers, when removing the dashboard. The clips are delivered each from stock.

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