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Wheel spacer 5-lug wheel
1 inch (25.4 mm)/ long, alu-wheel


€ 69,95 incl In Stock
update sync 23/05/2024
If you’re looking how to improve road-holding or to get a sporty look without drastic alterations on the suspension of you classic car, these wheel spacers may be a solution. They fit for assembly on 5-lugs assembled wheels with pcd of 205mm ((5 x 205mm) such as with Type 1 Beetle & Karmann Ghia ->07/67, Type 2 Bus -> 07/71, Type 3 -> 07/65, T181 -> 07/69. The widening corresponds with 2 inch = 50,8mm. Spacers are sold a pair, including fitting bolts for assembly of aluminum wheels provided with a 57° conic valve. BBT presents also a version for steel wheels under ref. # 2527.

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