Exterior Miscellaneous Pick-up hoops & wooden slats

Pick-up hoop set

Bus 08/52-07/79

€ 950,00 incl In Stock
update sync 23/09/2023
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A pick-up has a practical way to transport cargo with the disposal of a cargo bed. It’s even more interesting when you can charge in all weather conditions. In the past Volkswagen has provided the material to cover the cargo bed by means of a tilt. BBT has now the mechanical part for this tilt at disposal so the construction can still be effectuated. The kit consists of the metallic construction parts only ; being a front and back hoop, 2 finish slats for the wooden front and rear slats, 1 center hoop to be used use on a single cab pick-up. These parts are all in black powder coating and fit on Splitbus as well as on Baywindow buses.

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