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Cabine door lock catch, left/right

OEM:141 837 295
Karmann Ghia 08/55-07/63

€ 54,99 incl Available
update sync 08/12/2022
Last year we had a lot of problems with the door lock catch for the Karmann Ghia, built before end of July 1963. Originally they came in plastic and they had the intention to break real fast, especially as so many door hinges on Ghia’s have little play and don’t align very well with locking mechanism. We decided to team up with a German CNC manufacturer and designed this door lock catch in aluminum to the highest tolerances. Aluminum has the characteristic, that it will not break of course. At the same time we redesigned, that we could easily make one piece fitting for left as well right side, what made us to rename all under the BBT part 0438-750 and we could delete BBT ref 0438-751. BBT ref 0438-750 will fit left as  well as right as one unique part. We finished the part in anodised black for proper looking to match originals. Sold each.

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