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Bumper, front, (split) with groove, Original chrome

OEM:113 707 111
Beetle -09/52

€ 475,00 incl Limited stock
update sync 25/09/2023
BBT bumpers are pressed in a highly specialist steel bumper factory in Germany according to our exact specifications. After pressing bumpers are shipped to our BBT HQ from where we send them to a highly ranked European Chrome factory. This factory is very concerned about environment and the water they drain is of a  higher quality than bottled drinking water! This is important for us! We try to save the planet whenever we can. The chroming process is executed according to the  latest  technologies  for  steel chrome. Chrome specs; Copper 20 µ ± 5 µ Nickel  20 µ ± 5 µ Chrome plating  0,3 µ ± 0,1 µ       Every 100 bumpers they pick two out at random order and put them in a salt spray test of no less as 240 hours, yes that’s two-hundred-and –forty indeed! This is the international standard for assembly line specifications from the large car manufacturers as Mercedes Bens, BMW or Harley Davidson. If it’s good enough for the big guys, it will satisfy our Volkswagen needs as well, don’t you think so? After the salt spray test they brake this bumpers in a torsion machine, just to control the chrome adhesion to the metal. We care a lot about our quality control as we do know, it’s the only way to guarantee a good quality product. BEWARE for reproduction! All BBT chrome bumpers do come to you with a small BBT quality sign sticker at the inside, this is YOUR warranty and security for a real BBT product! 

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