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Cabine door lock catch, left

OEM:211 837 295B
model: Bus 11/63-07/66

€ 27,95 incl Not available
update sync 04/08/2021
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More than 45 years of heavy duty can cause quite some play on suspension and locks of the doors on our classical cars. As soon there is play on a certain part, all other parts are overcharged and they can get damaged. That’s why it is important to assure that all these parts are in good condition. You don’t wish that a door will swing open when driving ? BBT can now deliver these important door catch latches for Type 2 08063-07/66 each and for each side. We already have those for Type 2 -08/63 available under ref. 0438-20, whereas we can deliver those for Type 2 08/66-07/79 under item 0438-103 and -104.

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