Exterior Body parts Bodywork Baywindow 67- (XView 1-08)

Front grill

OEM:211 259 261
model: Bus 08/67-07/72

€ 89,95 incl Available
update sync 14/04/2021
This front grill can be found on Type 2a buses, where the turn light indicators are located above the bumpers. Those for the T2B model can still be obtained second-hand, as well as new by BBT under ref. # 0891-980. It’s quite another story for T2a buses. Partly due to the limited years of production and the increasing popularity of the model, it’s very hard to find second-hand items. The rising demand to replace rusted and dented items, made that BBT is working since quite some time to develop a good reproduction. After a lot of trials and testing we’ve finally the correct fit and finish available. These front grills are available each from stock in a fine quality.

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