Exterior Wings and runningboards Running board mat

Running board mats, black
as pair

folio:These running boards mats are the only correct ones for your Beetle from 08/52 till 05/60 (ch. 3 192 506). These mats are special because the ridges don’t go till the end but they stop just before it. Throughout the years so many running boards have been replaced that the correct ones are hardly to be recovered for beetles from 08/52 till 05/60 (ch. 3 192 506). Because the manufacturers of running boards have never taken this into account, the original running boards have disappeared a long time ago. Now BBT has made them manufactured according to an example of some original ones we still had. They are a bit thicker than the originals but this makes that they are more hardwearing. BBT has assembled them already and that was very easy. They are sold by pair (left + right).

€ 85,00 incl Available
update sync 14/05/2021

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