Exterior Bumpers and accessories Bumpers

Bumper front, 2,3mm, black (SWT)

OEM:251 807 111C
Bus 05/79-08/92

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

€ 189,95 incl Available
update sync 01/12/2021
Bumpers for Vanagon models already are hard to get for quite some time due to the fact that most Vanagon busses had a though time during their life and decent replacement bumpers are not available on the market. BBT's development department tried very hard to develop and produce a decent, as original quality, reproduction bumper that equals or even passes original models onto correct fitment, thickness, pressing and finish. These bumpers which are being sold under BBT production brand are top quality and as original model. Available each from stock, front and rear models available in chrome or black primer painted.

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